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Christian Homeschooling Definition

Definition and Clarification of Homeschooling:  Section 29.916 of the Texas Education Code states, 
[A] "Home-schooled student" means a student who predominantly receives instruction in a general elementary or secondary education program that is provided by the parent, or a person standing in parental authority, in or through the child's home.

PEACH’s Guidance Regarding Texas’ Homeschool Definition:  PEACH adheres to Section 29.916 Texas Education Code’s definition of homeschooling. PEACH considers enrollment in a public, charter, or private school to be mutually exclusive of homeschooling.

PEACH is a Christian Homeschool group and requires that in addition to meeting the definition of Homeschooling as noted above, the child’s instruction must be primarily parent-led and Christ-centered.  It must support AND not contradict Biblical teaching consistent with the PEACH Statement of Faith.

For families where some children are homeschooled and some are not homeschooled, only the homeschooled children are eligible to participate in PEACH sponsored groups (e.g., Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, etc.). The only exception to this is for those parents who have obtained a waiver from the PEACH Board.

The following programs do not comply with the PEACH definition of Christian Homeschooling:
a. A public school / charter school
b. A secular private school
c. A Christian private school